Appropriate #Saturday (at El Jalisco Monroe)

Appropriate #Saturday (at El Jalisco Monroe)

We fall in love with one version of someone and we expect them to stay that way, but they never do.

Olivia Wilde, Her: Love in the Modern Age (via voodoogirl95)

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Anonymous asked
Is Olive Garden even any good?


i mean i go there and everything tastes good. like people make fun of it, but its just a place to get fucking food, like whatever, i get some fucking motherfucking pasta and coca coal, and fucking soup, and it all tastes good, idk what the fuck these motherfucking fuckers are talking about when theyre making fun of it, like idgaf about some stupid “family owned” restaurant or some motherfucking hipster spot to get pasta, like i just want to eat some motherfucking food, snort cocaine off the table, maybe talk about the matrix trilogy, and then leave… like wtf is this fucking shit, just eat some motherfucking olive garden, its going 2 taste good, like who are you, Carrie Bradshaw or some bullshit like that, im not from New York City, i dont give a fuck about that stupid fucking city, i went there once and it rained and some street vendor charged me like $20 for some cheapo umbrella from a dollar store that broke in like 10 mins, and there were all these stupid food vendors on the street and pizzarias and i was like “who cares?” and there were like millions of people everywhere you turned. like who the fuck wants to live in that disgusting cesspool, i went to the Olive Garden in times square and it was the only time I felt at peace, like whatever, i ate a breadstick and dipped it into my alfredo sauce and that shit was good as hell man.. like get over it, olive garden is fucking tasty… fuck this shit


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